Sapa Clay House

Meet the Day Minority

Meet the Xa Pho People

Introductions The Xa Pho minority is smallest Ethinic community in Sapa but they have very nice dresses and detail on their embroider. They are most in My Son village. History & Languages The Xa Pho came to Vietnam about 200 – 300 years ago. Some believe that their clothes indicate[…]

Meet the Tay People

Introductions The Tay minority is well-known about buiding houses and other handy-craft, they are in Ban Ho and Thanh Phu village. History & Languages The Tay are the earliest known minority in Vietnam, who are thought to have arrived from inland South East Asia about 500 BC. They settled in[…]

Meet the Red Dao People

Introductions The Red Dao minority with their own costume in Red that makes a very different from other minorities and they are most in Ta Phin, Ta Van, Lech, Nam Toong and Supan village. History & Languages The origin of the Red Dao is uncertain. It has been surmised that[…]

Meet the H’Mong People

Introduction There are two kinds of H’Mong Minorities in Sapa and the most popular is Black H’Mong so you can visit the Black H’mong minority in, Ma Tra, Hau Thao, Y Ling Ho, Lao Chai and Cat Cat village. The second one is White H’Mong is in Nam Than, Nam[…]

Meet the Day Minority

Introductions The Dzay minority is very simple on costume but very detail in houses and they have a very special Food, live in Ta Van village. History & Languages The Dzay immigrated from China 200 years ago. They are strongly influenced by Chinese culture. The Dzay people speak a language[…]

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